Anja Wagner Ukpai

Anja Wagner Ukpai is the author of numerous children's and youth books, such as the Meridian Princess trilogy or the Raven Heart dilogy, which was awarded the DELIA Youth Literature Prize.
Some of her children's and youth books have also been translated into other languages, produced as audio books or elaborate radio plays and have been awarded various other literary prizes.
The series Mermaid Marisa will be continued with a 4. book in spring 23. A new fantastic novel for middle graders will be published at Penguin Random House - CBJ.

Anja grew up in a small town in the Münsterland region of Germany, where she participated in her first writing competition at the age of 10 and where her writing desk still waits for her, because sometimes, when wanderlust seizes her, she loves to travel to distant worlds.

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Anja Wagner Ukpai is the Author
of numerous children´s and
youth books that won
several literary

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